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Hello! I am Anthony but people just call me Ant

I'm a web maker based in Hillsboro, Oregon

Web designer and developer doesn't really cover all of my passions and talents. In addition to my knowledge of front end technologies, PHP, CI, behavior testing, code management, and Drupal theming, I am trained in motion graphics, graphic design, and have recently started a love affair with UX research and process methodologies.

I really enjoyed presenting at the Bay Area Drupal camp in 2019 on the use of SVG as a dynamic web element and my experience building client engagement processes. "SVG Magic!" was a presentation designed to really define what SVG is and how it can be used to create really great user experiences. "You Gonna Build a Process for That Process" was a retrospective of my journey at UC Davis and how we have built our Client Engagement and other processes. I'm looking forward to sharing more of cool things I get to do every day in 2020.

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2007 - 2010

Art Institute of California - Sacramento

B.S. Web Design and Interactive Media

Three years of really great instruction, hands on projects, and internships really prepared me for a career in web technologies. The only thing I can complain about is the price ;)

2011 - 2013

AMG Media Group

Web Developer

AMG Media Group is an in house graphic design and web development shop for a group of insurance companies. My responsibilities included logo design, advertising and social media graphics, web design, as well as WordPress and Drupal theming.

2013 - 2014


Web Developer

Click Spring is a really great social media marketing start up run by Geoff Sakala. Geoff recruited me to build and run their web design and development services. Though my time there was brief it was truly a memorable and valuable experience.

2014 - Current

UC Davis

Web Developer

The crown jewel of my professional experience. It has been a pleasure to work with such intelligent, motivated, and talented developers. My previous life as a rag-tag developer slapping code up onto a server evolved into a world of development toolsets, agile/scrum, version control, git management, coding standards, testing, and documentation. I no longer just design and build websites, I contribute to a living eco-system of interconnected code and deployments.

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My Articles

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Planning a SiteFarm Project: The Webdev Way

In case you've ever considered asking for some help with a paid project for your SiteFarm site, our team designer, Anthony Horn, has assembled a presentation outlining the steps and what's involved to help prepare you for the process, including with links to templates.

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gears and SiteFarm logo

SiteFarm Pattern Lab: The Technical Stuff

Learn the technical side of implementing PatternLab! If you read "An Introduction to Atomic Design and Pattern Lab in SiteFarm" and "A Little Background on Pattern Lab" then this your final read in understanding how we manage the SiteFarm design system.

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code overlayed with stonehenge

A Little Background on Pattern Lab

We touched on the reasoning for the use of Pattern Lab in the SiteFarm project in our article "An Introduction to Atomic Design and Pattern Lab in SiteFarm" but let's discuss some of the details of why we organized the file structure the way we did, where to find important code, and how we develop within this environment.

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Atomic design logo

An Introduction to Atomic Design and Pattern Lab in SiteFarm

The backbone of the SiteFarm theme is a solid front-end design. This code for that design is kept inside of a framework called Pattern Lab that allows us to design, review, and share the look of the theme outside of the SiteFarm CMS.

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walking trail

Take in the View: Adding Custom Breadcrumb Path to Custom and Cloned Views

If you are reading this, then it is likely that you have created a custom view page or have duplicated a protected SiteFarm view page and the breadcrumb is not formatted to your liking.

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Lucid Chart logo

Wireframe Your Next SiteFarm Project with LucidChart

Wireframes are a design deliverable that allows content architects and designers to work together to plan and organize a website's content and page elements. There is a growing need to quickly wireframe content based on the visual elements available in SiteFarm's web pages.

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Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator document

Welcome the SiteFarm Design Kit

If you've ever had the pleasure of mocking up new designs or themes from existing websites then you know how tedious the process of recreating page elements and components can be in Photoshop or Illustrator. Let us save you the trouble with the SiteFarm Design Kit.

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